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Your  Manager

Providing services to meet your all around needs as an entertainment professional. Check out the areas below and book online today!

Production Management

Michelle P. Warren provides production companies, independent filmmakers and service related businesses with the overall management of their project. End- to- End logistical planning, budgeting oversight and coordination to ensure that your event, film, photoshoot goes off without a hitch! This service is provided at a daily rate. Submit your inquiry to learn more!

Financial Management

As a licensed insurance agent, Michelle P. Warren can provide you with portfolio management and ensure you are properly planning and covering your assets for the future. Licensed through World Financial Group, Michelle has access to over 85+ financial wellness companies to meet your needs. 

Make sure that while you are soaring you are protecting your future properly!

Life Management

Michelle P. Warren brings all areas together for her clients by providing coaching services to ensure that as a business professional you are not neglecting yourself or your family. Owning a business, running a production company, chasing your dreams has an impact on those we love. Michelle P. Warren as a wife, mother and serial entrepreneur will share practical and sound guidance so that you can truly "have it all." This service can be bundled with any other services or stand alone. Don't let the chaos of achieving dreams cause you to live unbalanced and frustrated!

Management: Talent Profiles
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